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The blog became popular (and its Facebook page), thanks also to amazing contributors who were willing to participate and share their expertise with our audience.  I became passionate about anything that can support and help changing lives. I was recommended the EP7 course, (Empowerment for Purpose in 7 Steps) by a good friend, and from the time I started the course, I never looked back. I found the course very well structured, each step getting you closer to your true purpose and identity.  I became aware of thoughts and beliefs that kept on coming back to sabotage my attitude and actions, thus preventing me from moving forward in my relationships and my professional life. At the end of the course, I was hooked! And proceeded to qualify as an EP7 certified coach in order to be able to help others.          

Podcasts with George Helou, Founder of EP7  

Together with George Helou, the founder of EP7, I decided to launch a series of podcasts, step by step (there are 7 steps in total in the programme) sharing with the audience my personal experience of the EP7 programme, and with George who gives invaluable insights into each step. Each step includes a post and a podcast and is released monthly. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment at the end!  To view the posts and listen to the podcasts, click here