The principle of Causality is about understanding that absolutely everything that happens has a root cause. And that the cause is an effect of another cause, which continues down in a chain effect, until we uncover the primary cause. Too often we are too quick to jump to a conclusion and miss the REAL CAUSE of a problem.

To help us determine the root cause of a context, we must always ask ourselves, “What must we believe for us to think, feel and act that way?” Once we start to confront those beliefs, we can determine whether they raise our self-worth or cut it down.

The Instant Gratification Syndrome

With the arrival of social media and Google platform we now live in a world where we have access to answers and information at our fingertips. Because we are now programmed to expect answers to our questions immediately (a click away), it is therefore not surprising that we also tend to jump to conclusions, expecting to find a solution to a problem almost immediately. Unfortunately, we often miss the real diagnosis of a cause, and after various attempts of trying to solve what we believe is the CAUSE, we give up and comment:

“I tried everything, but nothing worked- It is not my fault”

Excuses and blame are common responses that distract us from fulfilling our true potential. If someone responds with “but there’s nothing I can do about it, it’s not my fault”, they are living by the belief that they will fail or that they are simply the victim of another’s actions. Their brain will only ever associate with information which supports this belief.

“Understanding causality leads to accountability which provides vital feedback and motivation for improvement.”

A Simple Example of Cause and Effect

  • A fire happens in a warehouse and after an investigation, the conclusion was that it was due to a gas leak. Is this the real cause?
  • Why was there a gas leak? Because the pressure in the pipe was too high
  • Why was the pressure too high? Because the computer malfunction and sent the wrong reading
  • Why did the computer malfunction? There was a virus in the system
  • Why was there a virus in the system? The anti-virus was not updated

If we were to just patch up the gas leak and declared we have solved the problem, the chances of another fire would be more than likely. Have we solved the problem, definitely not! As the leak was not the real cause of the problem!

“Shallow men believe in luck or circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jenny Korten is a certified coach for the UFIND and EP7 program. For more information, email her at (