After my last post on the Principle of Abundance, I felt it made sense to follow with the Principle of Competition. How often do we feel a loss of our self-worth when we lose? Many of us would answer “far too often!” We become disempowered by competition when we attach self-worth to it.

How often do we deliberately keep ‘valuable information’ to ourselves for fear that the competition will beat us at our own game? Sounds familiar?

“In reality fear of your competitors will only shift your focus and reduce your self-confidence”

Competition is about personal success. How you win is by achieving something you have never achieved before. True competition is with yourself, and when you beat others, it is feedback for you to know that you are reaching new levels of achievement. Competition may be within the workplace, a sport field, anywhere! Regardless of the arena, empowerment comes from finding inspiration for one’s own improvement.

When Winning Becomes Toxic

Competition becomes unhealthy when its aim is about putting others down. This becomes toxic and unhealthy, when the emphasis is on the results, rather than valuing the process or the experience of going through the journey involved in getting there. It ultimately results in burn out, unethical practices and bad decisions.

“Competition is a by-product of productive work, not it’s goal. A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others” – Ayn Rand

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