EP7 empowered identity

Welcome to the second episode of The Mind, Body & Spirit podcast by Health2bfree.

In this podcast, George Helou (Ep7 Coaching Academy Founder, Perth Australia) and Jenny Korten (Ep7 Certified Coach) introduce Step 1 of the Empowerment for Purpose in 7 Steps Programme.

We find out the science of how you are bio-engineered with the capacity to be extraordinary and discover the 52 Empowerment Principles that elite achievers live by to guarantee effective leadership.

We discussed how to find your true identity and how we were conditioned out of our self-confidence since childhood. This is the 1st step to start the journey of finding the real YOU and change your personal and professional life.

We hope that these podcasts will help to bring you closer to finding the real YOU, and bring you inspirations to re-invent yourself in both your personal and professional life.   

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See you next month for a new episode with George 🙂

Wishing you all good health