EP7 empowered identity

A few months ago, I enrolled in a life coaching program called Empowerment for Purpose in 7 Steps (“EP7”) designed to re-invent who you are. Little did I know when I started the course that I would be digging deep to find hidden issues that I have been battling with for years! I enjoyed the course so much that I decided to pursue the certification training to become an EP7 life coach.  An amazing journey ahead that I am looking forward to!  

This post is the first in a series that I will be showcasing, sharing my journey with you on the road to finding my true identity and purpose. Together with the post George Helou, the EP7 Academy Coaching Founder, will be joining me to share his insights on the various steps as we go along. So let us begin.  

Step 1 of EP7 

Step 1 was all about finding my true identity and I was asked the question “Who is the real Me?”  A simple question but yet so complex, as to be honest I was not sure of how to answer it.  I grew up in an Asian family where I was socially conditioned to fit a particular mold which was mainly focused on academic achievement, respect for elders, successful career and marrying into the right family. I spent the better part of my thirty years doing just that, convincing myself that these were my goals and who I needed to be. How many of us can relate to this?  Most of us can… 

The truth is that we form our beliefs during our early years from what we learn from our parents and the environment we live in. We become brainwashed by social conditioning and convince ourselves that life is made of limited resources, whether it be material things, love or health.”

It is therefore not surprising that we then develop an identity crisis that creates insecurity, a lack of worth and a disconnection to who we really are or are capable of. We are bio-engineered to have the potential to do great things, but because of our social conditioning, being influenced by lack of self-confidence and fear, we often make choices to rather play it small and take the sub-ordinary route.    

Bioengineered for Excellence 

I learned in Step 1 of EP7 how powerful our brain is, and even more powerful is the realization how we have full control over how we choose to interpret the environment we live in. The permutations and combinations of the outcomes are solely determined by how we choose to disconnect and reconnect the neurons of our brain. 

“If we are engineered to control our brain, then why do we allow ourselves to be the servant and let our brain control everything and be the master?”

Those that have understood the power that we hold within us are the ones who   differentiate themselves from others. The key lies in their interpretation of the environment that they live in, and their mindful choice of choosing the road that would make them thrive and function at their optimum, as opposed to others who are not mindful of this power and choose sub-standard choices instead as their brain keeps on throwing blind spots to sabotage their actions.

Furthermore, even more important is that I learned that our body is made up of a pure energy field, that body material is transient, and move from one form to the next all the time. 

“So if we are made of pure energy and cannot be destroyed but simply move from one form to another, it means that provided we are FULLY WILLING TO DO SO, we can move from one version to another version of who we are, any time we want!”

This leads to the next key question, “what happens when we die”?  As per the law of physics, “energy cannot be created nor destroyed, merely transformed from one form to another”. This means that when we die our atoms will merely move to find new uses elsewhere and the energy in our bodies will then simply be converted from one form to another. I must admit that it took me a little time to understand and digest this as I was raised with the belief that when you die, you are just done and dusted! 

After the shock of this revelation, the thought of being ‘eternal’ and merely be transformed into one energy into another started sitting rather well within me, as it made me realized how worthy we are as human beings and that if this thought does not boost my self-worth, then nothing will!   I was then able to answer with confidence the question below..  

Then Who Really Am I?  

I was finally able to come up with my own personal answer to this question. I am :

  • Free to choose what is best for me – it is the power of Free Will
  • Able to let my heart be the master, and the brain the servant to execute what my heart dictates 
  • Able to nurture my intuition and imagination to allow me to move from one version of myself into another more empowering version at any time I choose 
  • Able to identify my personal key Empowerment Principles (EP7 has 52 Empowerment Principles) that I choose to live my life by and have the power to make them non-negotiable. Some of Empowerment Principles that I chose included, Abundance, Free Will, Alignment, Creativity, Intuition, Kindness, Love, Self-Worth 

Podcast to Follow

Stay tuned as we will dive in further into our “Empowerment Identity” podcast with George Helou, EP7 Coaching Academy Founder, in the next coming week.  In the meantime, you can view the presentation from George by going to their website.