Welcome to the first episode of The Mind, Body & Spirit podcast by Health2bfree.

In the upcoming podcasts, George Helou (Ep7 Coaching Academy Founder, Perth Australia) and Jenny Korten (Ep7 Certified Coach, based in Mauritius) will be hosting 7 podcasts, showcasing the 7 steps of the Empowerment for Purpose Programme, focusing on re-inventing yourself to better adapt to a fast changing and challenging world. Here are at the highlights of the 7 steps:

We hope that these podcasts will help to bring you closer to finding the real YOU, and bring you inspirations to re-invent yourself in both your personal and professional life.    

We kick off this first episode of podcast in which George Helou (EP7 Coaching Academy Founder) and Jenny Korten (Ep7 Certified Coach) talk about the effect of how our personal growth influences our role as parents, and how it affects our parenting style. It is linked to the health2bfree blog post on Personal Growth and Parenting.

Check it out here :


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See you next month for a new episode with George 🙂

Wishing you all good health