how to be healthier

Happy World Health Day!

As we celebrate World Health Day today, let us focus on how we can work towards a healthier Mind, Body and Spirit.

A healthy mindset for me is to have the ability to remain calm under pressure. Often under pressure, we forget to breathe and yet it is at this crucial time that breathing is most important. A few deep focused breaths will calm our mind down, give us clarity of thoughts and bring our awareness to the present moment. 

“It helps us to center ourselves and stop over thinking”

A healthy body for me is to focus on activities that releases endorphins (“feel good chemicals”) by our central nervous system.  Activities that release endorphins are exercise, meditating, art or yoga classes, have a good time with family and friends, among others. Anything that makes you happy and relax! The list can be endless.

“A healthy body leads to a healthy mind”

Lastly let us not forget to nurture our spirit.  It is often the most neglected part of our wellbeing, mainly because it cannot be defined as part of our body.   The key to a healthy spirit is to find inner peace. Some of the ways we can find inner peace: 

  • Be true to your real self
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Meditate
  • Take long rejuvenating walks in nature
  • Learn to laugh at our own self  
  • Mind what you eat
  • Be kind to yourself and others  

Let us now watch and listen to our regular contributors as they give us insights into their respective interpretation of a healthy lifestyle! 

  1. Pauline Guérin who shares with us her path to healthy body, spirit & mind

2. Prithee Ajodah who shares with us the way to a healthy body.

3. Adila Budullah who has a special message for you for this special day

Happy World Health Day!

Wishing you all good health