Health2bfree is dedicating the month of March to ‘breathing’.

We hope that this month will bring you a little closer to establishing your own breathing routine!

Benefits of good breathing techniques:

  • Improve blood flow
  • Reduce toxins
  • Reduces anxiety and tension
  • Releases endorphins which are beneficial for the body
  • Boost Immunity
  • Increase energy level

Our guests this month:

Adila Budullah, Director of Embrace Uniqueness Ltd, Helen O’Grady Mauritius and Aardvark Casting Mauritius and also a certified yoga practitioner – who demonstrates below the benefits of “Anuloma Viloma” meaning Alternate Nostril Breathing

Prithee Ajodah, founder of Rediscover Yourself & Yantra Health & Wellness Spa. She is also the author of a self-improvement book entitled “Believe in the light within” that deals with the power of motivation and letting go.

Prithee Lux

Our Tip:

“Just go with the flow and observe your breath. Do not try and control or
manipulate your breath, just let it flow and ENJOY the MOMENT!”

Wishing you Good Health!