Cancer Awareness Day

As Cancer Awareness Day was celebrated on the 4th February, Health2bfree will be dedicating the month of February to that topic.

To kickstart we have the pleasure of interviewing Daniel Lai, Tai Chi and Reiki master on energy flow and how it can help cancer patients.

About Daniel Lai

He obtained his black belt 1st Dan of Karate Shotokan in 2000 and a merit award in 2002 from the Shobukan International Word Martial Arts Research Associates in Switzerland.

He was trained as a Taichi master from Foshan, Guang Dong province in China and qualified in Yang Shen Tai Chi from the line of the well known Master Yeng Cheng Pu.

He also received his qualification in Qi Gong techniques in 2014.

He is also well known in the Mauritian community as a Reiki master Level 3.

Importance of Energy Flow

I had the pleasure to interview Daniel and in the below video, he explains how energy flow can help to fight cancer or any other disease :

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Importance of nutrition to fight cancer

Stay tuned on our Facebook page as we will be having Sandra Stallaert who will share with us some interesting tips for the nutritional part.

Wishing you all a good health