Happy New Year to All!

What will 2021 bring us? We cannot help but be apprehensive of 2021 after all that has happened in 2020. 

I have been working on the health2bfree planner for the next couple of months and yesterday I came across the following quote which sums up our theme for January. It reads as follows:

   “Take responsibility for the energy you bring.” Anonymous

Meditation and Positive Energy

The month of January will be “meditation month” at Health2bfree.  We are fortunate to have three yoga instructors who will be contributing to our meditation month, each bringing their own style of meditation to help us focus and create positive energy through the days and weeks.  Science based benefits of meditation include:

  • Reduction of stress
  • Control of anxiety
  • Promote emotional health
  • Enhance self-awareness and a better understanding of ourselves
  • Concentration and focus 
  • Increase of positive feelings towards ourselves and others
  • Increasing self-control to fight against addictions

Creating a Habit of Positive Energy

“It takes 21 days to create a habit, and this is our goal for January”

You will have the opportunity to play the meditation daily for a week and meditate for three consecutive weeks with three different yoga practitioners. Nurturing positive energy would give you the opportunity to create new healthy habits for 2021, including inspiration to be kind to yourself and to others, as well creating a positive mindset which will limit negative thoughts and enable you to see the positive side, even in the most difficult circumstances.  

Introducing our Yoga Instructors  

Pauline Guerin (Pauline Guerin Yoga & Wellness)

For those that have been following us, Pauline has been a regular contributor to Health2bfree and we are pleased to welcome her back as she shares her meditation session with us

Adila Budullah

Director of Embrace Uniqueness Ltd, Helen O’Grady Mauritius and Aardvark Casting Mauritius. She is also CEO of Global Africa Most Influential Women IOC 2019/2020 and was awarded the Leadership Congress World Women Leader 2020.  She will share with us her unique style of how to restore and recharge body, mind and soul at any time.  

Sarah Namdarkhan (“Yoga in the Sun Mauritius”) 

Sarah is a qualified yoga instructor who trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and  also completed her training in Pregnancy Yoga with Janet Balakas the founder of the Active Birth movement in London. She moved to Mauritius 10 years ago and has her own YouTube channel “Yoga in the Sun Mauritius” and her own Facebook page. 

 Our first meditation session will be posted via our Facebook Page as well as a link to all our subscribers via email.  We welcome your feedback and hope that you enjoy this meditation journey with us!

“Wishing You All Good Health”