Self-Worth versus Self-Esteem

We often confuse self-worth with self-esteem. Self-esteem is about the way you think and feel about yourself. If we have a secure self-esteem, it does not need to rely on external validation and therefore we stay unwavering when faced with negative comments in our external environment, without feeling the need to question

Principle of Free Will

The Empowerment Principle of Free Will means we are free to experience our life as we see appropriate or right for us. It is about knowing that we will always have the freedom to make our own choices, without judgement of how others are choosing to live by theirs. “Your empowerment exists

Principle of Causality

The principle of Causality is about understanding that absolutely everything that happens has a root cause. And that the cause is an effect of another cause, which continues down in a chain effect, until we uncover the primary cause. Too often we are too quick to jump to a conclusion and miss

Principle of Competition

After my last post on the Principle of Abundance, I felt it made sense to follow with the Principle of Competition. How often do we feel a loss of our self-worth when we lose? Many of us would answer “far too often!” We become disempowered by competition when we attach self-worth to

Introducing The Principle of Abundance

Our perception I recently did a presentation of the UFIND workshop to a corporate client and I used their whiteboard to display a few key notes pertinent to the workshop to facilitate my presentation.Straight after the presentation, I was asked by a personal assistant if I wanted to erase the notes off